Ujamaa resources (practical)

 Our Practical Resources

The Ujamaa Centre offers a range of resources.  Many of these resources may be downloaded from our website and used by those who share our commitments.

The resources on this page are practical. We also offer a range of academic resource, where we reflect on the Contextual Bible methodology: Visit our Ujamaa Academic Resources.  These sets of resources belong together, for reflection on practice is part of a single process.

 1. Doing Contextual Bible Study: A Resource Manual

Part 1: Introducing Contextual Bible Study

Produced by The Ujamaa Centre for Community Development & Research
(formerly the Institute for the Study of the Bible & Worker Ministry Project)

Part 2: Contextual Bible Studies

Theme/s: Women and agency

Key text: 2 Kings 5: 1 19a



This Bible study was first used when the Ujamaa Centre was invited by a women’s group to facilitate a Bible study on the theme of ‘Women, Water and Healing’. It has since been used many times to address other themes dealing with the agency of women, youth, or other marginalised sectors...


2. Contextual Bible Study, by Gerald West.


This book is available from Cluster Publications: http://www.clusterpublications.co.za/

3. Tamar Campaign: Contextual Bible Study Manual on Gender-based Violence

4. “Economic Matters” Contextual Bible Studies series

5. “Redemptive Masculinity” Contextual Bible Studies series

6. Workshop presentations of Contextual Bible Study methodology

“Mark 12" Contextual Bible Study

“Redemptive Masculinities” CBS

7. Contextual Bible Studies on “Land”

8. Bible studies by Prof Tinyiko Maluleke (Unisa) published in Challenge Magazine






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