Here you can download our resource Manual introducing Contextual Bible Study. Produced by The Ujamaa Centre for Community Development & Research (formerly the Institute for the Study of the Bible & Worker Ministry Project).    


Doing Contextual Bible Study: A Resource Manual

Part 1Introducing Contextual Bible Study

Chapter 1: Introducing this Manual

Chapter 2: Introducing the Ujamaa Centre

Chapter 3: Introducing Contextual Bible Study 

Chapter 4: The Role of the Facilitator 

Chapter 5: The Role of the Participants

Chapter 6: An Example of a Contextual Bible Study 

Chapter 7: An Example of Creating a Contextual Bible Study 

Chapter 8: Articulating, Owning and Mainstreaming Local Theologies:

A Concluding Reflection on the Potential of Contextual Bible Study  


Part 2Contextual Bible Studies

More Bible studies:


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