The day-to-day work of the Ujamaa Centre is managed by the Management Committee, consisting of all Ujamaa Centre full-time staff and representatives of the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics. All Ujamaa Centre full-time staff are also staff of the School of Religion and Theology. In addition, the Ujamaa Centre has an Advisory Board which offers guidance and direction to the organisation.

The management structure of the Ujamaa Centre consists of a Director, a Deputy Director, and a Financial Director. Each of these management positions are filled from the Programme Coordinator staff of the Ujamaa Centre.

Currently, the Ujamaa Centre has the following Programmes:

These Programmes are generated and shaped by the contextual realities of particular socio-historical moments in South Africa.

Below is a organogram illustrating the management structure and programmes of Ujamaa:


The Ujamaa Centre is located in the College of Humanities- School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics(SRPC). Given that our primary tools are biblical and theological, this location is strategic and deliberate. Being organically linked to SRPC not only provides access to important resources for our work, it also enables the Ujamaa Centre to have a direct impact on theological education and so the formation of new generations of church and community leaders.

The institutional location of the organisation within a University is not, however, the primary social location of the Ujamaa Centre. Our primary social location is among particular communities of the poor, the working-class, and the marginalised. Our Programmes serve these constituencies. The special "giftedness" of Ujamaa Centre staff is their ability to make use of the University's resources for local communities. The Ujamaa Centre's institutional location enables us to make a direct contribution to the training of theological leadership in South Africa and beyond. Read more about our Commitments.

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