Anti-Xenophobia Statement from the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal 

This academic community of scholars, students and administrative staff join in expressing our solidarity with the wider UKZN community and all people of goodwill within the KZN region in rejecting all expressions of xenophobia attack on people from other African nations and beyond. Our academic community celebrates its pluralistic identity that attracts many postgraduate students from 22 African nations. We celebrate the contributions of specialist academics from Africa and beyond that work in partnership with local academics for the advancement of knowledge. The School therefore wishes to convey our unconditional support to all our staff and students from the continent of Africa and beyond. We believe that we need to pro-actively build integrated communities that are characterized by social cohesion, mutual support and excellence. While we recognize that socio-economic competition in the public domain is a reality for all of us, we are convinced that this must be a positive force that builds communities and not lead to the marginalization or denigration of anyone. As human beings, we are all equal, we carry the same human dignity, and we all seek social justice across our communities. Collectively, we therefore condemn all forms of xenophobia in the strongest terms. We also reject the agitators who wrongly whip up the emotions of people against our brothers and sisters from the continent. As internationally recognized school we therefore wish to reassure all our students of their welcome and safety at UKZN. We also want to state unconditionally that we as school is committed and pro-actively works towards fostering collaboration, partnerships, and relationships that serve our collective interests. Diverse people unite.


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